1. had a fun shoot with my sister, an incredibly talented hair stylist, this morning, showing off a holster her friend had made for her. 

  2. triathlon.

  3. Walden Pond; July 31, 2014.

  5. walking through the garden

  6.  yeah, it’s another stadium post.. i will be shooting more soon, i promise, lots of exciting stuff on the horizon..

    but in the meantime…

    i’m supposed to be tapering for this ultra i’m running - Forget the PR 50k… i’ve recently learned that tapering mean no stairs - like At All. so i figure running a full tour of Harvard Stadium might not be the best thing for me to do with the race fast approaching (april 12) buuut i still want hugs and high fives … so i thought i’d bring the dusty ol’ dslr out to play… and did a few easy sections with some of my amazing friends (and family!). 

    oh yeah, it was march and it was snowing, but not too much…

    heart this tribe.


  7. stadiums 2013

    it’s hard to look at my facebook feed and not know how stoked i am to be part of boston’s November Project tribe. i can easily say it’s one of the best things about living in boston. and so exciting to watch it grow to 15 cities.


    my sister and i started on a monday this past june. and then we went to Harvard Stadium that wednesday… it’s addicting, the stairs are high, and it hurts like hell. it would have been so much easier to stay in bed especially when the temperatures dip into the single digits. but then there are these amazing people who show up at 5:30 or 6:30 in the morning. the people who hug, and cheer, and high five, and pass on the right, and race and push each other to strong finishes, whether it’s the Newbie workout, PR day, Robotman, Frogman, Fire Drills… 

    there’s also the concrete that is Harvard Stadium, reminiscent of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, and the incredible morning light which i can’t avoid photographing with my iPhone (sometimes using that as an excuse to catch my breath!).

    so i’ve made a little game for myself to take a different picture each time i run the stadiums… you can see some on instagram… this was intended to be a year-end post, but i procrastinated. here’s an edit of my stadium pics from 2013, my first 6 months of November Project.  

    and i’ll be honest, these words and pictures barely scrape the surface of what it’s like to be at the stadium with the tribe. they’re mainly afterthoughts, a little play with light during a pause. cause mostly i’m there for the hugs and to enjoy an awesome workout.

  8. on yoga, self-esteem, and the color yellow

    i pretty much completed my yoga challenge for december… my goal was to go to at least two yoga classes, with one 25 min solo practice per week. except for a bout with the stomach flu i made it to 2-4 classes a week. i only did one solo practice the whole month, but, to that point i was barely home with enough time to sleep and eat — lesson learned, slow the fuck down. 

     the most interesting moment of my month diving back into yoga was just a week in. i had sampled three different classes that first week. i felt great, my body was thanking me. but i realized that i wasn’t getting to the mental state of relaxation that i had once attained at the end of my practice. 

    sunday was my first hot yoga class ever. i can’t remember what intention i set at the beginning of practice, i had wanted to relax and to stretch, but i was also beginning to acknowledge a mental block that was preventing me from being productive and moving forward as a photographer.

    the heat felt amazing, and the class had just the right flow for my muscles that were tight from the long runs in training for my first ultramarathon.

    towards the end of practice, our instructor guided us to savasana, or corpse pose, laying on our backs. the room was dark and warm, my eyes were closed, my breathing was slow and deep. on my right side i could see and feel this solid block of yellow energy that stretched from my chest to my feet. i realized that that this represented whatever was what was blocking me from even attempting to reach my goals. in my meditation i wanted to destroy that block that was stifling me. yup thats right, i was meditating in yoga class and i was thinking about destroying something! but i wanted it gone, whatever this was that was making me feel so paralyzed, i wanted it to stop! 

    it took many forms - i was pounding at it, breaking it up, then it would reform into a sticky mass that i would get tangled in, i would chop at it like i was in a jungle with a machete, i would push it, at times i felt like Sisyphus. as i came toward the end of the meditation, i had not eliminated the yellow energy but it was shrinking and slowly starting to be washed over with waves of blue and purple.

    i reflected on my experience that evening and decided to google what yellow meant for the chakras. i didn’t even need to open a single webpage, the first entries made total sense to me. the yellow chakra was related to sense of self and self-esteem, and was located in the solar plexus. i discussed it with a reiki practitioner and she explained that the blue and purple that i saw were of the throat and crown chakras which represent truth and spiritual understanding. 

    becoming aware of my psychic block was such a crazy aha moment for me. i’ve found that since i left graduate school my confidence as a photographer has crumbled, and being aware that i have been allowing this to limit me is the first step that i can take in overcoming it. i am an introvert who can, at times, live too much within my own head, and apparently my chakras show this. my goal now is not to get rid of that yellow energy, but to learn how to work with it. i need to act more, live in my head less and stop listening to those silly voices that tell me i’m not good enough and that i shouldn’t even try. 

    i am learning that, like running, yoga takes me to a place where i can start to become stronger and more aware in both mind and body. this awareness is slowly helping me gain confidence in conquering both the real and imagined roadblocks i face in life, and i am grateful for every second of my journey.


  9. blogging and yoga

    two things i’ve been terrible at lately… blog posts and yoga..

    i’ve been scattered… trying to work a real job, have a personal life, and oh yeah, try to figure out how to survive as a photographer/visual journalist/story-teller…

    one terrible thing that i am going to admit to right now (but i will admit to it in hopes that i can acknowledge it as a way of moving forward and improving it instead of hiding under a rug in denial) is that there have been times over the years when my fear of failing or even flailing has led to inaction. it’s terrible, and i plant to improve that. in work, fitness and life.

    in moving forward. i am making a challenge with my co-worker. a yoga challenge for the month of december. with the goal of doing yoga classes twice a week with at least one day of 25 min of practice at home.

    yoga is one of those things that i love when it is over. i will procrastinate it like no other if i have no one holding me accountable. and sometimes i find my eye impatiently wandering to the clock in the classes…  but i know it is good for me. and right now my body is hurting after picking up my workouts with November Project since june, and now adding the miles for ultra training… i need the yoga..

    and i hope it will help me slow down, get less scattered and more focused and productive in life and work, more shooting, more writing, more blogs… 

  10. kansas city, then trenton, misouri for the misouri photo workshop #mpw65 #upintheair #inacloud #airplane (at in a cloud)